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How to create a career plan

How to create a career plan

A career plan can help you work out what jobs suit your interests and abilities, then help you work out how to get it.


How to create a career plan

Putting together a career plan normally involves:

  • Identifying your skills, goals and interests
  • Picking a job, course or training program that relates to those skills, goals and interests
  • Coming up with a strategy to get into work or training that leads to your chosen job

Remember: your career plan isn’t about locking you in. You can change it if you need to. A good career plan should grow and change as you do. It’s also a good idea to revisit your career plan to see how you’re tracking or get some inspirations.

Career planning resources online

Here’s a brief overview of some websites with step-by-step guides, tips and tools for planning your career:

  • Career Interest Explorer – this 5-minute quiz matches your interests to relevant industries and training (it’s on an apprenticeships website, but the results are useful for anyone planning their career)
  • MyFuture – Sign up for free to this government website and build a profile that lists your skills and interests, then match them to jobs in a career profile database
  • Graduate Careers – Your Career and You (PDF, 576kb) – This booklet is designed to help students and graduates understand their skills and attributes by doing a number of written exercises

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