Industry Profiles

Industry Profiles

Find out more about the key employment industries – what people who work in these industries do, what kind of jobs are available and where you can get more information from industry associations, peak bodies and government organisations.


In this section:

Agriculture, forestry & fishing

Covering things like fruit and veggie production, livestock farming, agricultural services, hunting and trapping, forestry and fishing.


Covers car manufacturers, component, tooling, design and engineering firms as well as businesses that retail, repair and service vehicles.

Building & construction

Covers planning, residential building, non-residential building, construction engineering, architecture and the building trades.

Business & professional

Covers accounting, business management, finance, economics, sales, marketing, project management, administration and employment.

Defence & security

Includes police, fire, ambulance, emergency and rescue, defence forces and security.

Education & training

Includes learning, teaching and training services provided to people of all ages in both the public and private sector.

Electricity, gas & water

Jobs in the electricity, gas or water industries cover a diverse range of areas.

Environmental & animal management

Covering environmental management, parks and gardens, waste management, recycling, animal care and pest management.

Finance, banking & insurance

Providing a range of services like borrowing, lending, superannuation, insurance cover, leasing and investing.

Government & justice

There are job opportunities in a range of different fields across the three tiers of government – local, state and federal.

Health & Community

Covers a range of jobs including medical, dental and health services, community and child care, religious organisations, political parties.

Hospitality & tourism

Jobs in these sectors include: accommodation, food and beverage services, tourism, conferences, exhibitions and events.

Information & communications technology

Considering a career in information and communication technology (ICT)? Then look no further…


Involves a large cross-section of industries including textile, clothing, furnishing, printing, food processing, petroleum, chemicals, plastics, metal

Media, Arts & Entertainment

Covers jobs in movie, video, radio ,television, newspaper, magazine, publishing, performing and visual arts, library, museum and archiving services.


Covers the areas of mineral exploration, extraction and processing, dredging and drilling, refining and smelting, quarrying, oil and gas extraction and treatment

Science & engineering

Coving careers in biological and physical sciences, agricultural sciences, social sciences, research and engineering.

Sport & recreation

Jobs in this sector include: the fitness industry, outdoor recreation services, community recreation services, sports services, gambling and racing.

Transport, storage & logistics

Jobs include: customs, freight, courier, dispatch, delivery, postal services, warehousing and inventory, forklift and crane operation, road, rail and air freight, airlines, public transport

Wholesale, retail & service

Covers a whole range of jobs including salespeople, shopfitters, service providers and people who work in marketing, support services or administration.

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