Reaching Out to HR Professionals For Interview Tips | Survey Based Article

Reaching Out to HR Professionals For Interview Tips

Reaching Out to HR Professionals For Interview Tips:

To practice equip and real, me and my circle group members of Batch 103, contacted and visited the offices to make appointments with six HR professionals of different sectors and met the following HR professionals:


1. Dr Imran

Associate professor, Department of Microbiology

2. Abdul Qayyum Tahir

Sr. Dy. Manager HR & Admin

3. Dr. Haseeb Anwar

Head of department, Department of Physiology

4. Usman Nasir

HR Manager, Serena Faisalabad

5. Usman Ghani

Audit Manager, Yaqub and Co

6. Talat Mehmood

Director, GSS

Here is a list of questions that we asked during those meetings and responses thereon:

1. How do you identify if a candidate is being real or fake?

Mostly fake candidates give ideal solutions and they try to be idealistic.

2. How can to be fully equipped for an interview?

Make extensive research about company.

3. Most impressive things about dressing?

Suiting is preferable but follow culture of organization as well.

4. How do you check that candidate is passionate or not? Is this matter?

His research for organization shows that he is passionate to work here.

5. What type of gratitude you like?

Recruiters don’t like over gratitude

6. Kindly advise us how we can be equipped for an interview?

· Don’t be over efficient;

· Be natural;

· Use mode of communication that recruiters use like if he speaks Urdu then don’t answer him in English;

· Do research about the company;

· Be confident;

· Go to extra-miles;

· Be honest; and

· Be yourself.

Main Takeaways

Be real, show confidence, make a detailed research on organization and learning behaviors are key to success.

Based on Our Meetings With HR Professionals of Six Different Sectors

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